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When a loved one is missing a minutes are crucial, the last thing a family wants to worry about money.
This is why we offer our thermal drone service free of charge for any search and rescue. This service is on a volunteer basis. And of course we do have a business to run as well so cases are taken with discretion. We service most of Oregon and Washington. Below is a list of criteria that needs to be met before we can offer our service free of charge.
1. Person must be missing for a min of 24 hours.
2. Police and rescue have already been dispatched with a report filed.
3. Police have searched for 6 hours with no result. 
4. Must be remote area with extremely low population density.
Such as:
National parks or forest
Heavily wooded areas 
Desert, etc

All search and rescue with our thermal drones is done free of charge on a volunteer basis by our pilots. See below to find out more. We also help find lost dogs!

Search volunteers gather to help look for a missing person.


How can a UAV equipped with a thermal camera, spotlight, and or loudspeaker help find a missing loved one?
Sometimes when people go missing in a rural or remote area its simply because they are lost or possibly injured and cannot make their way back out to the trailhead. It is always best not to jump to the worst conclusion and that's where we come in. One of our pilots equipped with a thermal drone can fly a grid pattern over a wide area scanning with a thermal sensor which picks up body heat in the form of a red, orange, or white color as seen below. We can program the drone to fly an automated flight path grid which enables our pilots to concentrate on watching the screen for the missing person as opposed to trying to fly and watch for the person at the same time. We also have a 2000 lumen spot light and 115db loudspeaker we can put on the drone, The speaker can be used to repeat a message telling the person we are looking for them, and if possible for them to get to a clearing where they can wave their arms to be more easily seen by the thermal. 

Thermal image of a person lost in the woods.

We're dog lovers and have dogs ourselves. So we love to help find our 4 legged family members lost in the first as well. Although searching for dogs would not meet our criteria for volunteer work we are always willing to work with people on a fair compensation for our thermal drone service. When we charge money for this service it is mostly just to cover the gas of getting there and back. Our trucks are required to run on premium gas and this gets quite expensive after a while if we have to pay out of pocket. So we try to be very fair and also understanding during difficult times such as having one of our family members lost.

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